Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching up

It's been awhile since I last posted, but finally I am in Nova Scotia. One delay after another, but it's finally done, I am moved in at The Harbour.

I can't post much in the way of photos because I can't transfer them from the camera to the computer yet, but soon. I wish I had taken a photo of the truck before I left because it was all nicely washed and waxed, with the kayak mounted on the roof. Oh well, you'll just have to imagine it. But don't look too closely, the truck is packed to the gunnels (oh darn, is that one 'l' or two? Spellcheck doesn't even recognize it as a word!), with only a little space for me to sit in front of the steering wheel...

Getting out of TO

My original intention was to leave Toronto and arrive here on May 8. But due to a bit of a health scare requiring various tests, I postponed my departure date to the following week. Then I got a cold. Then the cold turned into a sinus infection. Then there was the long Victoria Day weekend and not wanting to be on the road on the first long weekend of the season. I was then going to leave the Tuesday immediately following, the 19th, but The Dog Ladies wanted to get together one last time and one of them was out of town that long weekend so the earliest we could get together was, guess what, Tuesday the 19th. So I postponed leaving until the next day.

We met for potluck dinner at Catherine's, it was a nice evening so we sat in her backyard under the grape arbour and dined on barbecued chicken kebabs, potato salad, green salad, some lovely artisan bread, and a mix of Portuguese pastries including the classic custard tarts. Oh and wine and beer of course. I was a little more restrained this time than last time, since I planned to start a long drive the next day.

I spent most of Tuesday packing and cleaning up, but did not manage to finish before dinner time, so I ended up spending all Wednesday morning and early afternoon packing. Finally I was ready to go, at 2.00pm on the 20th, but there's something about leaving in the middle of the afternoon that is just really hard to do. I had to leave right then and there or face Toronto rush hour, and I just couldn't do it. So I postponed to Thursday the 21st.

I cleaned up a few loose ends on Wednesday afternoon so that I really would be ready to leave early Thursday. Isaac agreed to wake me up at 5.00am so I could get out of the house by 6.00am, ahead of the rush hour on the downtown portion of the Gardiner Expressway. That all worked fine, but what I didn't count on was that the Jameson St. access was closed for road work and I did not know where the next nearest access was. And on top of that, having driven down Jameson St along with several other cars expecting to get onto the Expressway there, everyone had to turn around and get out, and the silly fool in front of me backed into my truck and broke one of my headlights.

We pulled over and piled out to look at the damage, the other driver said it was no big deal, just a broken headlight, and I said, But I'm trying to get to Nova Scotia and now I can't until I get it fixed and I have missed my damn window of opportunity to get out of Toronto ahead of rush hour! The guy seemed to think that this was easily solved, he knew a garage open 24/7, they could replace the headlight and I could still make it out of town in half an hour. He offered to lead me to this garage. Having no other plan, I reluctantly agreed to his and so we turned around and drove to this garage he knew.

Turns out the garage he spoke of is the only garage in all of Toronto that I have had a Most Negative Experience of in the past, one Bento's on Dundas. Wouldn't you know it! I swore I would never go there again and now here I was. Well, I could only hope that replacing a broken headlight was simple enough that they couldn't screw it up. The mechanic on duty there said they did not have my headlight in stock, they wouldn't have it until 8.30am. So much for getting out of Toronto before rush hour. The other driver paid for the headlight and installation thereof and took off, hardly 20 minutes out of his day all told, while I was stuck waiting another two hours before the part would even be available. Argh!

So back home I went to wait for my headlight. Went for one last walk at the dogpark with Isaac and Dobby. Went back to Bento's at 8.30am, only to be told by Bento himself that I didn't have a hope in hell of getting the headlight before 9.30am! I freaked out. I told him I was trying to get to Nova Scotia by Friday afternoon, I had been into his garage two hours before and the mechanic had promised the headlight for 8.30, and I just couldn't wait until 9.30! Bento got on the phone and ordered the headlight from another supplier, 10 minutes later it arrived, and by 9.00am the truck was ready to go.

Three hours late, but oh well.

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Barbara Anne said...

Hail, Intrepid Anne!!!!!!!!!

Good to hear from you and to know you've caught up to your heart! Methinks you left it in NS if not at the other extreme end of Canada!

Cheers that the tail-light-breaker paid for its replacement, but who could have imagined that of all the shops in Toronto, you'd be taken to THAT shop. Weird karma?!

I'm on board for this adventure, Do you need a 2nd kayak?!