Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day in The Harbour

Last night, after unpacking everything, doing some grocery shopping and making my first dinner in the house, I went over to Mike and Ruth's to get drinking water (I don't trust the well here) and Ruth asked me to bring my banjo over. So I did that, she looked it over and tuned it, and then showed me the rudiments of clawhammer style (frailing). So I have some homework now, learn to frail. That's one of my projects for the summer here, learn to play my banjo. I've been playing at it off and on for years, but it's been more off than on in the last few.

This morning I biked out to Sheila's house on the road and we had a happy reunion. The dogs barked, Sheila and I hugged, then Sheila called Nancy across the road and we all went for a long walk in the woods with the dogs, Sheila's two Max and Moose and Nancy's Chezzah. I sure wish I had Dobby here now. While Nancy Sheila and I were gabbing, Chezzah took Max and Moose off on a long romp in the woods. We don't know where they went, and they did not return when called, so finally we returned to Sheila's house only to find Max and Moose waiting there. Chezzah was already back at Nancy's house patiently waiting on the porch there.

This afternoon I cleaned up my emergency "outhouse" and made some changes to the door latch on the house. It's a homemade affair that doesn't work entirely as it should, I frequently find the door wide open after thinking I had closed it hours before. I'm not sure I've fixed the problem, I suspect this will be an ongoing project. But it is nice to know that I can "waste" my time on such things, I no longer have to think in terms of it being time away from building the kayak. Both Ruth and Nancy are promising frequent kayak trips this summer, now that I have a completed kayak to use.

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Barbara Anne said...

What a lovely day, Anne! Yes, Dobby would have enjoyed himself with his old friends. Will Dobby and his people be joining you for a vacation this year?

Please tell everyone hello for me. I feel as if they're my friends, too.