Sunday, May 31, 2009

A trip to the Valley

On Thursday I went down in the Valley and did a major shopping. Bought birdfeeders and transplants and composted manure and groceries. After several hours of shopping I stopped by Fritz and Carolyn's to do a laundery; their daughter Erica was there and we had an interesting conversation about her travel and school plans. She's been travelling and teaching English over the past few years, now she's going back to Korea to teach English again. But she wants to go back to school when she gets home again, maybe get a teaching degree or a Master's. She's trying to decide.

At one point Erica asked me which I thought was better, a teaching degree or a Master's. What a question! I said I guess it depended on what she wanted, something practical or something she was really interested in. I said being practical is a good thing, but if it's boring would she keep at it?

Erica said that since her job in Korea is pretty much a done deal she really doesn't have anything to worry and obsess about, so she's worrying and obsessing about what she'll do when the job is done. Can't go without something to worry and obsess about! We laughed.

Thursday is Carolyn's church choir practice night, I tagged along to listen to the choir sing. The church is old, stone on the outside and wood panelling inside, even the ceiling is wood panelled. Beautiful stained glass windows. It's a Baptist church but the tank they use for baptisms is out of sight. Carolyn's sister is the choir master, she plays electronic keyboard to accompany the choir. After practice they then formed a drumming circle and I joined them. Heather has a huge collection of African djembe drums, at least twenty of them. We drummed for a half hour. I'm not a great drummer but under cover of fifteen other drummers I guess I don't sound too bad.

After that we went to Paddy's Pub for beer. It's a brew pub, most of the beer they sell they brew onsite. The tanks where the beer is brewed are up on the second floor, you can see them above you when you are sitting in the main part of the pub. Beth was trying to decide whether to try to get tickets to the Paul McCartney concert in Halifax in July, they were coming on sale the next day. She really wanted to go but the tickets are so expensive! The concert will be outdoors on the Commons, so in theory she could hear him from outside the fence for free. She did that for the Rolling Stones concert in Halifax. But it would be so much better to be inside the fence! Decisions decisions, I'm afraid we weren't much help in her dilemma.

The big news on Thursday was about the G-G eating a raw seal's heart at an Inuit feast earlier this week. Apparently it created quite a stir internationally, some people saying that it was just too disgusting for words. There was a cartoon in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald about the incident, it showed Prime Minister Harper talking to the G-G about the incident. He said, "I eat bleeding hearts too." I described the cartoon to the ladies of the choir and they all laughed.

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Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

So glad there's so much for you to enjoy there in that part of NS, from friends old and new, to singing and drumming and building.

I imagine the surrounding speak to your heart, too.