Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer plans

So, over the next few weeks I will be practicing on the banjo, building an outhouse, and putting in a garden. Mike has suggested putting a simple pump on the well (at the moment is a matter of dipping pails into it and then lugging them up to the house), and there is already a black plastic pipe buried in the ground between the well and the house. So I think that could be an interesting project as well, completing the pipe and hooking up a pump on the house end. Even if I don't manage to run it right into the house, being able to pump water outside the door will be a huge improvement. If I get a decent cover on the well and drain it, shock it and refill it, I might even have real drinking water there as well. Carolyn ordered a cord of firewood last fall and it never got used, so I have plenty of firewood which is nice. Mike hauled half of it in a wagon right up to the house (that's how the tractor got stuck) and the other half is still out at the end of the driveway.

I brought my breadmaker this time so I will be able to bake my own bread even though there is no oven here. There's a baker who sells really nice bread at the Market so I will probably buy a loaf or two as well, but I really like baking my own. Sheila now has highspeed internet and a wireless router, so I will be able to mooch off her occasionally. And of course our morning dogwalks will continue. After this morning's dogwalk Sheila filled me in on some Harbour gossip. I told her a couple of things in confidence and she explained to me that she and Nancy had a rule about the dogwalks: what gets said in the woods stays in the woods. Good rule.

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Barbara Anne said...

Did I say "intrepid"? Now a real plumbing/well project! You are WonderWoman in the self-sufficient sense! Shades of Barbara Good!! Yes, we got BBC's Good Neighbors here, too.

Carry on!