Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where is here?

I'm getting a phone. My cell phone doesn't work here and it really is a nuisance not to be able to call people or receive calls. The phone guy is coming out tomorrow sometime. I have to call the phone company in the morning to give him directions. When I was talking to them on the neighbour's phone, I didn't know how to describe the route here. I can tell them the "street address" but it really means nothing because it's not on any map and there are no road signs. And the road itself doesn't look like a real road, more like a very long twisting dirt driveway.

There's no mailbox or namesign or anything to indicate that anyone lives here, you can't see any of the houses from the "real" road. But I asked Mike and Ruth how they tell people where they are and I will relay their directions to the phone guy tomorrow morning. So if he doesn't get lost and there are no breaks in the phone line into the house, I could be hooked up by tomorrow night. There hasn't been a phone in this house for more than twenty years.

Mike spent the weekend laying down gravel on the road to fill the winter's potholes. So the phone guy at least will have a somewhat smoother drive in, if he finds the place.

I am also going to enquire about dial-up internet access. If it is not too expensive I might get that as well. Not nearly as convenient as high speed internet, but still. When I lived out here thirty-five years ago, not having a phone didn't bother me, and internet didn't exist. How things change!

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Barbara Anne said...

May you receive nothing but happy news and wonderful invitations on your new phone! Hope dial-up is possible, too. Yes, how things do change!