Saturday, September 5, 2009

And on the fifth day She rested

Totally exhausted today, and taking a break from building.

Yesterday Mike wanted to put a last push on the outhouse because he was going away for the long weekend. He wanted to cut the last pieces of plywood (he's leery of loaning his saw, would rather do the cutting himself) and show me how to do the roofing. He arrived at 10am and we worked until 12.30pm before he felt he'd done enough. Then he went home to pack for his trip.

After Mike left I was so tired I just wanted to sit down and cry. Except I didn't even have the energy to do that. I spent a couple of hours reading and eating a sandwich for lunch. But I figured I needed to work on the roofing so that I would not forget what Mike had showed me.

The roof is 40 sq ft and I have some free roofing shingles of various kinds to cover it. Fortunately the pitch of the roof is low enough that I don't mind standing on it; if it were much steeper I would have serious reservations about working up there. I am in awe of roofers who routinely work on much steeper inclines.

I did a few rows of shingles, then wondered how the last row was supposed to be laid, Mike had been a bit vague about that. Fortunately he had not left yet so I was able to go to his house and ask him that question. With a couple of short breaks for tea and for escaping the masses of mosquitoes that began to show up as the sun lowered in the sky, I managed to complete the job by 6pm.

I had planted some lettuce seeds in a planter box over a month ago, they had sprouted but never really grew well so I wanted to transplant them into the garden. Not really wanting to do any work at that point but being bound to get them into the ground in the evening rather than the morning, I did do it. It only took a few minutes anyway.

So that was it for Friday! The outhouse is functionally ready to go, it just needs a bit of prettying up. A door latch, some stain, some corner boards, and maybe some battens to give it the board and batten look. Wisewebwoman suggested shelves, a good idea and I know just where I'll put them, but maybe a bit later. Not sure whether I'll stain the wood this weekend or not, depends on whether I find something to use as battens. Peter and Nancy are also going away so I will be house-sitting again, I will take a look through Peter's workshop basement (as he suggested) to see what he has by way of batten material.

For supper I scrounged in my cooler for leftovers and heated up some rice and tomato sauce and fried up my last egg and potatoes. Heavy on the starch but food is food is food. Went to bed early, was woken up in the middle of the night by the full moon shining in the window. I went back to sleep and woke up again this morning aching all over.

Mike's not here! Yippee! Won't be working today!


Wisewebwoman said...

I am completely in awe of you Annie. I thought I was amazing today putting up a mirror and key holder in my back hall but you take the cake (and rice and tomato and eggs too!!)
Hats off to ye, Lassie, ye dain goot!

20th Century Woman said...

Oh, Annie, you are so brave and resourceful. Imagine putting a roof on an outhouse. I can't even think about it.

Barbara Anne said...

Way to go, Anne! You are WonderWoman and that's certain.

I spent a good part of two days priming some unpainted wood on new walls for a screened porch and new door to a new deck. I'd have been much happier priming a door without hardware and that wasn't hung! I was up on a short ladder but not on any roof.


Annie said...

Hi all, the actual roofing is pretty simple really: spread some goop with the caulking gun, lay down the shingles, hammer some nails. It's just having to do it on a slope however many feet above the ground that's hard.

I built a cabin many years ago and when we roofed it wore a harness that was supposed to keep me from falling off the roof. I am sure it would have---fortunately never had to put it to the test---but the harness doesn't alleviate the fear, it's still there.

Anyway, thanks for compliments, but there are people who do this for a living! Lots of them! Look at all the roofs around, they're all done by hand!

I still have to paint stain on the walls and door, I shall remember your comment Barbara Anne and paint before adding the latch hardware!