Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My throne

Here's what Mike and I have been working on today:

My new outhouse!

It's not completed obviously, needs a few walls, a door and a roof, but hey! The essentials are there! A seat! A hole!

And best of all, a fabulous window! This is the view from the throne:

We used up all the wood I bought yesterday and some that Mike had lying around as well. Tonight Mike will pick up the door and the roofing material. Tomorrow my truck goes in for repairs and we buy the rest of the wood we need for the walls and roof. And I think I'll get a new toilet seat; the seat in the old outhouse appears to be too thoroughly attached to remove and use on this piece of work.

All day long working on this little structure I was getting more and more excited about it; I can't wait to use it! Bet nobody reading this can imagine getting excited about using an outhouse, eh?

I love the view. Already I am picking out branches and possibly whole trees to "remove" to improve the view. The outhouse is situated a few feet from the edge of the vault, so what you are looking at is the view down into the vault. With a few trees removed you will be able to see the brook in the vault while seated on the throne. I can easily imagine lingering over the activity that once was done as quickly as possible. It is going to be so cool.


Alan G said...

Don't forget the half-moon on the door! :)

Speaking of that....someday I am going to have to research why a cut-out of a half-moon was put on outhouse doors??

Annie said...

Ha ha! I don't know the answer, I'd be curious too.

Alan G said...

Thought I would see what I could find and ran across this....

The Vanishing American Outhouse by Ronald S. Barlow (1989) expands a bit on why you see (or saw) half moons on outhouse doors:

"Luna, the ancient crescent shaped figure, was a universal symbol for womankind. A moon, sawed into a privy door, served as the 'Ladies Room' sign of early innkeeping days. Sol, a sunburst pattern, was cut into the men's room side of the outhouse. These symbols were necessary because in Colonial times only a fraction of our population could read or write.

"As time passed by and frontiers were pushed further westward, the gentlemen's restrooms fell into disrepair and eventually were abandoned altogether. Accommodations for ladies were better maintained and this is why the moon symbol remains on many outhouse doors today. Its original meaning, however, was lost to the general population sometime in the mid 1800's."

Barbara Anne said...

Always something to learn here! Thanks Alan G! Makes me think the men made the great west their outhouse!

Applause, applause for the success in building the beginnings of a clearly most excellent outhouse, superior view and all! Well done!


Wisewebwoman said...

Methinks you need to install a few shelves for library books, and I do hope you have a few old Eaton's catalogues kicking about?