Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spar varnish, firewood and curtains

The kayak is in the "shop" (the Garden House) for repairs, I am putting another coat of spar varnish on the hull.

Most people don't put spar varnish on a wooden kayak hull at all, it serves no useful purpose. The point of the spar varnish is to protect the epoxy from UV damage, and a hull rarely sees the sun for UV damage to occur. However, I am used to transporting my kayak on my roof rack upside down, and so the hull does indeed see quite a bit of sun. Hence the spar varnish.

The downside of spar varnish on a wooden kayak hull is that it is easily scratched by hauling the kayak over rocks (or sliding it up onto a truck roof rack), and then it starts to peel and look like a bad sunburn. The epoxy itself is quite resistant to scratching, the spar varnish isn't. Anyway, I am sanding and putting two more coats of spar varnish on to get rid of the bad sunburn. I am using the same spar varnish I used last year, but it formed a thick skin on top that I had to break with a screw driver and a knife. I think there will be some spar varnish left over when I've finished the kayak, so I might just put the remainder on the outhouse seat. There is no point trying to keep it another year.

I also rearranged the contents of the porch to make way for some firewood. It looks very neat and tidy now, but once I get some firewood in there it will be dark and messy again.

I will not be putting up a curtain in the outhouse I decided. Several people have mentioned the lack of privacy which doesn't really bother me, but the loss of even a fraction of the view afforded by the window would.

This outhouse is over a kilometer into the woods from the nearest public road, and sitting on private property. If someone is peeping in the window I am more concerned about what the heck they are doing back in those woods than I am about what they may or may not be able to see.

Jokingly I suggested to one of my neighbours that a shotgun in the outhouse might be a more useful idea than a curtain. She agreed. Not that I am considering it. But I would consider it long before the curtain.

I suspect though that this outhouse will end up with a curtain whether I want it or not, it does sit on someone else's property and they might prefer the curtain over the shotgun, I don't know.


Barbara Anne said...

A woman of all skills, you are! It's good to see the kayak as I saw it so often last summer! You did well!!!!!

Hummm... curtain or gun... Kind of unusual things to choose between!


Barbara Anne said...

Wouldn't have left another message, but the word verification this time is Plato!


Annie said...

Plato indeed!

Well, aside from the associations of violence and guns, think of it this way: outhouse for vulnerability, curtain for hiding behind, shotgun for taking on/facing down what one fears. These were ever the choices