Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My garden

Yesterday I weeded my garden. I hardly ever attempt to weed it but yesterday I spent quite a long time weeding. Because the mosquitoes are gone! We've had a cool north wind blowing for the past few days and it is marvelous, it has completely eliminated the mosquitoes. On Friday they were swarming around me when I was trying to finish the outhouse roof, on Monday they were gone.

My garden has survived. The broccoli didn't do well, I managed to get one small serving of broccoli from five plants that cost me $2.00. Expensive broccoli! I haven't eaten the peas yet, I won't even get a whole serving of them. They are sparse and tiny. And late! The cilantro didn't do well, I ate it all and it never managed to grow new leaves. There's a bit of spinach but not much. But the lettuce and chard are still going strong, the oregano is flourishing and the parsley is doing pretty well too. The tomato plants are huge but the tomatoes are tiny. The dill flowered but never set seed. The basil is doing OK. The onions and leeks are not doing so well, but are still growing. I might leave some of them over the winter to see if they will grow in the spring. In Toronto they would but I don't know about here.

I am pleasantly surprised that I got any food at all from this garden, considering how little sun it has gotten. At this time of the year the sun barely makes it over the treetops, so the garden gets even less sun now.

While I was house-sitting I got some photos of flowers:

Cosmos and daisies:


Morning glory:

I also got some pictures of Cape Split...

...and the rip tide off Cape Split (the white line in the water to the left of the Cape):

And finally, the first splash of fall colour in a sugar maple:

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Barbara Anne said...

Wonderful pictures as always! Perhaps you should compile your photos in a book titled something like "Canadian Byways, Pathways, and Overlooks". What do you think?

Someone wrote a book called "The $80 Tomato" about all he invested in a garden that yielded one tomato or little more than that. Our garden is fizzling, too, but we may have a few more carrots.

Happy cooler weather and no mosquitos!