Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I found it

In a fit of despair I started packing up to leave last night, and I found it.

Should have cheered me up, should have made me feel like the universe was looking out for me after all, but it didn't.

I don't know how I am going to pack everything home, I had the truck full to the brim coming out here in the spring and now I have more stuff to take home. Oh well, starting to pack made me feel like I had accomplished something. Two boxes down, a million to go!


Barbara Anne said...

JOY! JOY!! JOY!!! Your irreplaceable knitting notebook of your own creations is found!!!!! I'll be joyful for you if you're too busy. Please make a copy of that wonderful notebook while you're home.

Can you ship some items back to yourself at your winter address? Will you be travelling to the west coast before winter weather hits? You do traverse the width of Canada fairly often as it seems to me. Goodonya as my Aussie friend says.

Good luck shoehorning everything into your truck. When to you leave NS?


Wisewebwoman said...

Where was it, Annie? This has happened to me and I find it is like the Purloined Letter, right under the old nose.
Re: BA's suggestion, my daughter shipped 17 boxes to me in the past few months. Cheap, efficient and Canada Post doesn't deserve its bad rap. You can track everything on line.
good luck, I've finally decided to stay here this winter.

Annie said...

I'll look into the shipping idea. Last time I mailed something (a knitted toque, last Xmas) it cost an arm and a leg so I pretty much had ruled that one out.

It was sort of an obvious location, in a pile of stuff on a shelf that I had looked at a couple of times thinking it might be there, but there was a large floppy file folder on top of it that covered it from view. Didn't look floppy though, so I didn't lift it to see what was underneath, until I went to pack the pile in a box.

WWW, good for you for staying! I look forward to hearing how the winter goes for you! I'd do the same but I'm not really setup yet for that. How many summers have you spent there before deciding to stay the winter?