Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kayaking on Gaspereau Lake

Here are the photos from my Gaspereau kayak trip on Thursday that I promised.

The glassy water and perfect reflections.

Floating between water and sky.

This is the party island.

Our kayaks "parked" on Sophie's island.

The camping structure. I made fun of it in my blog post but it is actually quite a neat idea, big enough to cover the picnic table and a couple of tents. For a family with kids camping in the rain, not a bad idea at all!

The closed gate.

The signs on the closed gate, which we did not see when the gate was open and we went in.


Barbara Anne said...

Anne, it's no wonder you love that part of NS so much that you continue to return there. The good memories, the long-time friendships, the close community, and the breathtaking scenery close by all combine to make an ideal home base for you. If that's so, I do hope you find the ideal home for you on the right land in the best location so you can add your special touch.

I'm so glad you have friends who enjoy kayaking so you and your kayak can play together. Did you ever name your kayak?

You should print and frame some of your photos, but there are so many that are spectacular how will you choose?


Alan G said...

Such a scenic location. Thanks for the photos and the tour. Has to be one of the greatest ways ever to spend a day.

Annie said...

Barbara Anne, Nova Scotia is an extremely picturesque place, the most wonderful thing about it is that it is so varied, there are many different scenic types here!

As for home base, don't know, beginning to get quite pessimistic about ever having such a thing...

You're right Alan, it is truly one of the best ways to spend a day.


Vervacious said...

I am a relatively new resident and have been looking for some spots to kayak. Black River Lake is one spot I have been going but wondered about Gaspereau Lake. I am not familiar with the lake: could you recommend the best spot to put in?

Annie said...

Vervacious: not really. We put in at a spot that turned out to be private property and not recommended. There is supposed to be a put-in off Hwy 12 at the southernmost end of the lake, we didn't check it out so I can't tell you much about it.

This lake is great on a calm day but can be tricky in the wind. Because of its many submerged rocks there are few motorboats on it.