Monday, June 18, 2018

Art and Ginger at Avondale Sky

On Saturday I went to the Art Fair and Ginger Fest at Avondale Sky Winery. Had a ginger ice cream cone and walked around looking at art, crafts and craft foods (baked goods, chocolate, etc.).

Avondale Sky Winery
The last stall I came to was the art of a young man, Tylor McNeil, who was painting while selling prints of his art. When I arrived at his stall he got up and came around from behind his table to introduce himself, telling me all of the places he has lived so far and where he intends to live next. Then he started explaining his art, both his process and his subject matter. He told me the stories behind some of his prints. I asked a few questions and thanked him for telling me all this and then wandered off to find the friend I had come with and listen to some music.

I was really struck by his stories and a couple of his paintings. My friend and I decided that we had seen all there was to see and had no desire to stay any longer so I went back to the young man's stall and bought the two prints that had most appealed to me.

Letting Go - Tylor McNeil
The first one is called "Letting Go". It is the fourth in a series about his mother. The series is about the artist's coming to terms with his mother's alcoholism, and also about his remembrance of time spent in the garden with his mother when he was younger.

The Ghost of You - Tylor McNeil
The second one is called "The Ghost of You". The artist's father is dead now but he used to enjoy deer hunting. There are several prints in this series about his father as well, but I thought this one was the most haunting. My friend agreed, she was not particularly taken with the floral paintings (normally I am not either), but this one she said she would have bought too knowing nothing of the young man or his stories.

If I had come to his stall and he had just continued to paint or had just said something banal about his art prints, I don't think I would have bought either print. It was the stories he told about the prints that hooked me. When I look at the pictures I remember the stories and I feel a little of the emotion that must have gone into creating them.

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