Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sunday June 21, 1998 - Yukon

Nona and Charlotte wave goodbye
Klondike River - overcast and showers

We all got up late and had breakfast and tea together. I felt so laid back and reluctant to leave, but around noon we took some photos of each other and exchanged addresses and I left. They warned me of 15 km of loose gravel ahead. I was covered in black fly bites from the night before on the Yukon River: my wrists, lower legs and stomach (?). I drove most of the afternoon to the Klondike River just outside of Dawson. I found a nice campsite but the black flies were intense. They swarmed my firewood and my food but amazingly they left Yohan and me alone. It began to rain so I setup the tarp over the back of the truck and went to bed.

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