Friday, June 1, 2018

Monday June 1, 1998 - Loveland Bay

Loveland Bay
Loveland Bay, BC - sunny and warm

In the morning at Qualicum Falls I substantially repacked the truck. On my first evening and morning of camping I found out how inaccessible the stuff I need every day was, so it is much better now. I went for a walk to see the falls and wished I had brought along my camera. Note to self: always take the camera.
It was afternoon by the time I left my first campsite. I drove to Campbell River, stopping in Courtenay to buy two books. I debated staying on Denman Island but decided to go on. I drove past Elk Falls Park to Loveland Bay Park and got a nice campsite on the lake. No mosquitoes! Fish jumping in the lake, mountains in the distance and very private site. And, there was a bald eagle perched in a tree overlooking my truck.

Bald Eagle at top of tree overlooking my campsite
The water was a bit too cold to swim in. I rigged up some netting on the back of the truck in case mosquitoes did show up in the night and went to bed early: 10.30 pm.

I am very happy now, enjoying this a lot. I woke up to birds singing, water lapping. I just wish I had made better coffee!

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