Saturday, June 2, 2018

Tuesday June 2, 1998 - Port Hardy

Port Hardy - sunny and hot

I returned to the highway at Campbell River and did a bit of shopping there. I stopped at a Rest Area near Woss for lunch and met a couple there from New Westminster. He is an X-ray technician who travels all over BC and the Yukon for his job. He recommended many places to visit.

I thought I would stop for the night at a Nimpkish Lake forestry site but when I got there I didn't like the feel of it so I continued on. Forestry sites are more primitive than provincial park campsites, but they are free. Also unsupervised, so if it doesn't feel right, best to move on.

I ended up driving all the way to Port Hardy and just stayed there an extra day. I had already booked a spot on the Port Hardy ferry to Prince Rupert and had to be ready to board very early in the morning. I checked in to Wildwoods Campground, a family-run camp. Two families run it and the kids run around in a golfcart with all the family dogs. I found a kind of cute site and briefly talked to my new neighbours, Robert and his mother Dagmar, but it was late and my dinner was slow to cook.

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