Sunday, June 3, 2018

Wednesday June 3, 1998 - Port Hardy

Georgie Lake
Port Hardy - sunny and hot

Since the ferry doesn't leave until tomorrow I have a day to explore the local area. I went to Port MacNeill and Telegraph Cove. I would have liked to go to Alert Bay but I didn't think I had enough time. Three days is just not enough time for Vancouver Island.

Songhees hiking trail
I turned off on a forestry road to another forestry site on Georgie Lake. it was very nice. I took a short walk on the Songhees hiking trail and then went swimming in the lake.

Clearcut near Port Hardy
In the evening I had tea with Robert and Dagmar. They are Czech but live in Germany, Dagmar does not speak English. Robert is here for a year (until November) and does a lot of travelling; in the past he has bicycled all the way to the north end of Norway. Dagmar is here for three months. I wish I could have talked to Dagmar, she is my age. We are all taking the ferry tomorrow and they are driving east and south from Prince Rupert. I will be catching another ferry to Haida Gwaii.

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Joared said...

Enjoy your photos and reading of your travels. Seems quite an adventure, doing so on your own. Solitude in nature can be a most satisfying experience. Not so sure I would be as willing to camp on my own, even when I was younger. Think it best now to have a companion with me. Enjoy yourself as I expect you are.