Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Friday June 26, 1998 - Inuvik

Chuk Camp - sunny and hot

Liz and Clem went to Tuk with Margaret and George, the couple from Saskatchewan. I took my laundery into town. I went back to Moe's Stationery to make arrangements for a fishing trip. Moe had a guide lined up for me, I was to meet Alvin at Airport Lake at 11 am on Saturday, for $50.

I went to the Inuvik Research Centre to do some email, it turns out you can get unlimited access for free there. On the way I met Gert and Helga, an Austrian couple at Chuk Camp, and told them about the free access so Gert came along too. The librarian there helped him setup a Hotmail account. She asked him how long he was staying in town and he grinned and said, "Bad joke!" None of us know and none of us are happy about it! When the librarian wasn't there someone came in wanting to buy a poster. Gert offered to sell it to him, and said he'd split the profit with me. The guy said "I heard that!" and left.

Later when I got back to camp the two couples from Vancouver Island invited me for beer and chips and we talked about their travels to Haida Gwaii and also Newfoundland. It seemed like the two couples were going to all the same places. Liz and Clem got back from Tuk but I was busy getting supper and then it started to rain and so everyone went to bed early. One of the returnees from town said that they had heard that the Arctic Red River ferry had reopened and we wondered if the highway would open early too.

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