Friday, June 8, 2018

Monday June 8, 1998 - Haida Gwaii

Skidegate Band Centre, Bill Reid totem
Misty Meadows, Tlell - cloudy and cooler

I spent a few hours on the beach but it was cooler and cloudy. I drove to Queen Charlotte City and bought gas and ice, then visited the museum in Skidegate. Bill Reid's canoe Wave-eater was there in a shed with another black canoe. I drove down the road by the Tlell River as well. I am not sure what to do, stay another day and hike to the Pesuta or move on. I kind of want to visit Moresby Island, the southern half of Haida Gwaii, but I don't feel comfortable driving on logging roads and camping at forestry sites alone.

It started to rain so I set up my tarp over the truck tailgate. It was OK, but when I went to bed I left the tailgate open and it began to rain harder and then I saw that the foot of my sleeping bag was getting wet. I closed the tailgate but the damage was already done, the foot of my bed was soaked.

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