Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tuesday June 9, 1998 - Haida Gwaii

On the trail to the Pesuta
Queen Charlotte City - rainy and cloudy

I slept in because it was wet and rainy. I finally got up and it took forever to get a fire going. On this kind of day I felt like making oatmeal so it was just about noon by the time I finished breakfast. Everything was wet, even the dog. But I thought, what better day to hike out to the Pesuta shipwreck, so that is what I did.

It took four hours but it was through some beautiful rainforest along the Tlell River past some cabins at the mouth of the river ("beach dwellers from the '70s") and finally to the wreck on the beach.

Yohan and I at the wreck of the Pesuta
On the way I met a couple from Surrey and walked from the river to the wreck with them. I came back alone though and when Yohan and I got to my campsite there was a beautiful but bedraggled and starved afghan hound there. He disappeared before I could feed him. Poor dog.

I saw so many eagles and deer but could not photograph them. I had lunch at 5 pm and then visited the Tree House at Sitka Studio in Tlell before driving on to the forestry campsite just past Charlotte City.

The campsite was in a grove of tall Sitkas on the edge of a slate beach, and it felt cold, dank and foreboding. I went into town and had a cold supper of celery, carrot and hardboiled egg. I went back the campsite and set up to go to bed. Just doing that takes an hour, not including eating or feeding the dog. But I was very tired from the hike to the Pesuta which I think was 10 km.

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