Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Friday June 12, 1998 - Prince Rupert

Cow Bay in Prince Rupert, accordion player
Prudhomme Lake - sunny and warm, clouding over

I got off the ferry from Haida Gwaii in the early morning and spent the whole day in Prince Rupert. I got my flat tire fixed and some camera film developed and picked up groceries, ice, gas and other things for the trip.

When I was feeding Yohan at the fery terminal some dog walkers stopped to chat and told me about the Sea Fest which was going on in the town. They told me about how they were bringing back Charlie Currie's tow boat, the CRC. Later at the Northwest BC Museum I saw a special display of photographs of Charlie and his boat, and read a little of his history. He was a local pioneer who died in his 90s in the spring of 1997, a year ago. He had sold his boat when he could no longer run it and after he died the new owner donated it to the city. Later at the waterfront area of Cow Bay a hardware store guy told me what a great guy Charlie was, how he knew everything rleated to the waterfront and started regular publick pancake breakfasts and so forth.

There was a born-again alcoholic playing an accordion on the street corner with an open suitcase for donations. I photographed a deer walking around in town.

Prince Rupert library, car passed just as I was snapping a photo
I spent some time at the library writing emails on the computer and then finally left town for the Prudhomme Lake campground that I had stayed at before. It was crowded and noisy. It rained and I couldn't get a fire going. The park operators came by to collect the fee and helped me get a fire going. They gave me some dry paper and chopped some wood and reset the fire for me. Wow!

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