Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Saturday August 1, 1998 - Quebec

Bonaventure - sunny, warm and windy.

Today I drove from Sainte Luce to Bonaventure, through Gaspe and Perce, stopping for gas, meals and a few brief breaks and photos, but not much else. It was a warm sunny day and very windy. I've seen lots of folk art—carved boats, dolls and so forth. This is the first day I have driven by the ocean since leaving the west coast.

The scenery is very much like Cape Breton. Along the south shore of the Gaspe Peninsula the soil is brown in colour but across the water in New Brunswick it is red. I'd be interested to see a geological map of the region, it is a dramatic change.

I am camped at Cime Aventure in Bonaventure and this being the Saturday of a long weekend it is very noisy here. For a small campground (30 sites) it sure has a lot of parties going on. Earlier this evening there was a group playing tuba, accordion and guitar. There is a group of tipis here, all occupied.

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