Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sunday August 2, 1998 - New Brunswick

Kouchibouquac - sunny and warm.

I left Cime Aventure around 8.00 am and drove all the way to Matapedia, then up the Matapedia Valley as far as Amqui. I like the song by the McGarrigles about this river so I wanted to see it. I turned around and came back to cross the Restiguoche to Campbellton, New Brunswick. That was around 2.00 pm Quebec time and 3.00 pm New Brunswick time.

The Matapedia
Both rivers, the Matapedia and the Restigouche, are salmon rivers and both very pretty. The Matapedia is fairly shallow, I saw salmon fishers standing in the river and several canoes going down river. The upper valley is broad with farmland and the lower valley is narrow and V-shaped.

In New Brunswick I took the highway to Kouchibouquac in hopes of getting there in time to get a campsite, but I arrived at 6.30 pm and it was full. So I could have taken the long way around the coast, the highway did not make a difference. At the provincial campground they recommended a nearby private campground, Evergreen Camping, where I managed to get a site. I stopped in Miramichi (Chatham and Newcastle amalgamated) to phone the Meyers, who I will be staying with in PEI. Cindy told me to call her at work tomorrow in Charlottetown before 2.00 pm. Karl was just leaving for a truck haul to New York.

The highway was pretty boring with hardly any rest stops. Quebec has so many that are spaced evenly and actually quite restful, but they have so few out-of-province tourists. It's too bad really, it's a great place to visit and I found francophone speakers very accommodating with anglophones outside of the major cities.

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