Monday, August 27, 2018

Thursday August 27, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Margaree Harbour - sunny.

I had breakfast in the little picnic park on the Margaree River. It was very quiet, very pretty. The weather was clear and I had a chance to dry out and wash up after last night's rain in Newfoundland. Then I drove to the Schooner Village run by my friends Geoff and RL in Margaree Harbour. They were in the Tea Room when I arrived. I spent the next couple of hours hanging out in the kitchen with RL while she baked. We had huge veggie sandwiches and tea for lunch, I could hardly get my sandwich into my mouth it was so big. RL and I went home to their place mid-afternoon and then I went to the Margaree Forks library to check email. It is a small library with 3 computers and no signup list or time limits. There was lots of email for me and I spent a couple of hours catching up and replying. At closing time I returned to Geoff and RL's place. Their dog Ceilidh got along fine with Yohan but their cats were cautious. They gave me their son Andrew's old room to stay in next to the loft library.

The bridge across the Margaret River and Schooner Village at the far end
We went back to the Schooner for supper and I said Hi to Myrtle who remembered me from the last time I visited. Myrtle offered to call another old friend of mine at home to tell him I was around, but I said I'd contact him myself. David is someone I met when I was a student at Acadia University, we were both "mature students". We went our separate ways and I hadn't had any contact with him until just a couple of years ago on my last visit to Margaret Harbour. That was a pleasant surprise at the time.

After supper we drove to Inverness for Alice's Ceilidh, the last one of the season. It was all kids playing and dancing, and they were very good. Some Americans from Oregon also got up and played some folk-y music which was kind of weird; Geoff didn't like it at all. I enjoyed the music and dancing and just the general ambience of it all. The hall was packed, mostly local people. Alice does this as a fundraiser. She had us all up singing the Cape breton Gaelic anthem at the beginning. Geoff instructed me that I could tap my feet but not clap, except when the fiddle goes from a strathspey to a reel to a jig. But I could never tell when the switches came, except when Geoff would start clapping. It ended around 9.30 or 10.00pm and we drove back to Margaree Harbour and to bed.

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