Monday, August 6, 2018

Thursday August 6, 1998 - PEI

Fanningbrook - sunny and warm.

Cindy went into town in the morning to deliver a letter and pick up my camera film. Karl called about arranging to get together with the family before his next delivery.

Mark in the garden
In the afternoon we toured Orwell Corners Historic Village and had tea and pudding at Macphail Woods historic house and nursery. Cindy told me about her family relationship to Lady Fanning, the wife of a former PEI lieutenant-governor, and the namesake of Fanningbrook where Cindy and her family live. We saw goats there and Mark fell in love with the kid goats. Yohan touched noses with one of them. Cindy bought two small trees, a willow and a witchhazel.

We drove there along a route which took us on a narrow dirt road through the woods. Very pretty except for the section that was recently clearcut. She said that there was no local gravel so most of the dirt roads have no gravel on them. They call them clay roads.

Island clay is the red dusty soil everywhere. There's a bike trail being built along the old railway lines. We were goint to bike along one but there wasn't enough time and besides it was too hot. PEI is having a heat wave.

In the evening we took Mark to soccer in Cardigan and afterwards went to Basinhead Beach. There are two parallel wharfs, a bridge between them and a strong current in the water between them. Kids jump in and drift in the current either into the basin behind or out to sea depending on the direction of the tide. Mark jumped off the wharf three times and swam to shore behind the wharf. We just had peanut butter, crackers and cheese for supper.

We visited a couple more churches around Souris, a wooden one built in 1812 and stone and pink-coloured wood one built in 1904. The newer church was probably a Harris church.

Another Harris church
Yohan got lots of leftover steak and mouldy roast beef to eat today.

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