Sunday, August 12, 2018

Wednesday August 12, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - cool and wet.

It rained all night and was cool, cloudy and windy all day. I visited Ladny and JP again and then went to Stirlings for lunch with Lin. Marge and Ralph are gone but the place is the same, even the same menu. After lunch we went back to Lin's place in Gaspereau and listened to a hilarious recorded conversation on their answering machine, between Peter and his boss Helen at CBC. Aunah came by with her son Alex. Lin's kids Ariel and Yvan are tall and skinny.

Got caught up on lots of gossip: Kate's death, Bob and Carmen's split-up, etc. Lin said not much has changed, which is probably true. In some ways I haven't changed either, I feel thrown back into old feelings I thought I had left behind when I left here. But no, they are still there, waiting under the surface. But I think my view of the place has changed.

In the evening Carolyn and I played scrabble with another friend, Karen, who came to visit. Fritz and I talked about the old days and about Heather Holmes thesis' about alternative community based on interviews she did with Wenega members.

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