Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A day in town

On Monday I had to go into the Valley to look after a bunch of errands. I needed to buy strapping tape for the kayak and lightbulbs for the Garden House, I needed milk and yogurt for myself and I wanted to get my driver's licence and truck registration.

As it turned out there was a huge line-up at the Access office, more than an hour's wait for my turn to do the paperwork. Amazingly, they still have records of me on their computer from when I last lived here, in the early '80s. The woman told me that they put all their active records on computer in 1986-88, and my vehicle registration or driver's licence was considered still active then, even though I left the province in 1985 and switched to an Ontario licence and registration. She also told me that she had already processed four others moving to Nova Scotia from out of province, this weekend must have been a big Move-To-Nova-Scotia event. Well, it was the Apple Blossom Festival this past weekend, perhaps that's why everyone is moving here!

In the evening I went to Paddy's with Carolyn for dinner and Open Mic night. Jess Cameron and Sarah Pound and Rose played while I was there, also a mother and daughter pair who were very good. It was their first time. I left early because these days I have no stamina for late nights and loud music. Carolyn suggested we get together this weekend to go paddling. She has two kayaks, one of which she's never used, so she wants to get out on the water with both of them. Sounds like a plan to me! Assuming of course that the weather holds.

Got home around 10.30pm, although I missed the turn-off for the right-of-way and ended up right in the Harbour itself. Then stopped briefly in the old garden field to look at the stars because it was a clear night. After so many years living in the city, it seems especially rare and special to be able to see so many stars.

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