Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mike's tie-downs join the fray

Today I removed my brother's tie-downs from the stern of the kayak and put them on the bow. I put one of Mike's tie-downs near the cockpit but I was missing one part of the second tie-down so I couldn't use it. I had to use knives and a metal ruler to pry the hull edges out to meet the deck edges. I applied the epoxy as glue to all the seams that I had tied down and also to the spots that were covered by the tie-downs and tape at the stern yesterday.

I was hoping that the glue will cure by this evening so that I could move the tie-downs and do some more gluing tonight. But Mike said don't push it, leave it to cure over night before moving the tie-downs. I was able to add the second tie-down after finding the part for it, and I added a bit more glue to that area of the seam.

I tried making some baking powder biscuits in a frypan in the evening. I had some chicken soup and a spinach and lettuce salad, I thought biscuits would go nicely with it. The biscuits turned out OK, but I did burn the bottoms of them due to having the flame up too high too long. Next time they'll be better! The cast-iron frypan distributes the heat nicely so they were fairly evenly cooked.

I haven't seen the baby bunny, but Mike says he has seen the mother fairly regularly, so she is still around. A family of raccoons moved into the old stained glass studio and did a lot of damage there, Mike set off some firecrackers just outside the studio to scare them off. He says it worked, but he will invest in more firecrackers to ensure that they stay away. Now he has an excuse to set off firecrackers whenever he likes! The raccoons were tearing holes in the roof of the studio, apparently just for fun. The studio was in bad shape anyway, the roof is pretty rotten, but I guess having the raccoons deliberately tearing it apart was a bit much. When I am done using the Garden Shed for building the kayak, Mike plans to move the remaining stained glass there for safekeeping.

The ants don't seem to be deterred by the borax I am putting down to keep them out. They are kind of weird, apparently they like to make nests out of spruce needles, so they are constantly stuffing whatever spaces they can find with the needles. There are piles of them along the base of the walls and also on the roof plates. They pile the needles on top of the borax. They stuff them in behind the shingles on the outside walls. A half-barrel left sitting on the ground was filled with needles. The wood pile is full of needles. And they are always busy moving needles, long lines of them each carrying a single spruce needle to whatever site they are currently working on, and they seem to have several locations on the go.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Applause, applause on all you're getting done on the kayak. Yes, it takes time for glue to dry and cure and there's no way to hurry that.

We have a cookbook titled:Cooking in Cast Iron by Mara Rogers. Helpful!

Love the image of several ants carrying a pine tag (as they're called in Virginia!).

When in Texas, I learned a way to kill an ant colony is to pour a 1lb bag of corn meal on the colony. This works! They eat it, swell up and pop and it's not bad for the environment. I have a bug killer recipe if you want it but it's a hazard to kids and pets.