Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gluing deck seams

I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon trying to tweak the wires on the kayak to get everything to line up but didn't feel like I made much progress. Mike came by and said we could fix it in the evening after supper.

In the evening we rewired and retaped the kayak, Mike trimmed the bow and stern ends so that it all fit. I had not used nearly enough tape, Mike doubled the amount of tape holding the deck to the hull. He showed me how to mix the epoxy, we added some wood flour (very fine wood sawdust from a belt sander) to thicken the epoxy and we used dental syringes to start gluing the seams. We didn't finish the job but I got the hang of mixing epoxy and applying it as glue to the seams. Sometime after dark we cleaned up and locked up.

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