Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More wiring

I thought I was getting my truck safetied today, but the garage cancelled the appointment due to unexpected construction delays. So it kind of broke up the day. Because I was planning to go into the valley mid-afternoon, I did not spend much time working on the kayak. But I did spend a couple of hours finishing the wiring. Unfortunately the results were not great, I ended up with a fairly serious mismatch of the four deck panels at the bow end.

Since the safety inspection was cancelled and I couldn't proceed on the kayak, I collected some very old slabwood at the Garden House to use for firewood at my cabin. As it turned out most of that wood was rotten and unusable, but I did get a little bit of usable firewood. Some carpenter ants have moved into the heap of firewood at the Garden House, I have disrupted their nest and they might move out. Although the risk is that they will move out of the firewood and into the building, not really an improvement. And I think there are some wasps building a nest inside the Garden House, I'll have to do something about that.

The other day there was a bat in there, it flew around trying to get out while I was working on the kayak. I kind of saw it out of the corner of my eye but I was focussed on the kayak and just thought it was a large insect (it wasn't very big), until Mike came along and pointed it out. Eventually it gave up trying to get out and hid in a wall cranny, where I managed to photograph it. I was hoping it would come out and fly around again, and I tried to gently poke it into action, but all it did was open its mouth and make threatening biting motions toward my stick. It had no intention of coming out until the coast was well and truly clear.

In the evening I managed to catch Mike on his way to a community meeting, he said he had looked at the kayak and seen the problem and that essentially I had to tweak the wiring until all the panels lined up properly. He would have time to check it tomorrow night and then I could start gluing it. Mike said once he'd shown me how to mix the epoxy and apply it I would get the hang of it and be able to proceed on my own.

While making my dinner, the propane tank gave out and the stove burner quit. My dinner was far enough along that I could use the microwave to finish it, but I was not sure how to detach the propane tank to get it refilled. Mike showed me on his own tank how it was done and loaned me his wrench for that purpose. Then he went off to his meeting. I got my tank detached and put it in the truck to take into town tomorrow and returned the wrench. Stopped by to chat with Ruth over hot chocolate, before heading home before dark. I was so tired! I accomplished so little today but I could hardly keep my eyes open.

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