Friday, June 20, 2008

Seam reinforcing and bow pour

I went to the Garden House today to check the results of yesterday's work. It looked good. I didn't have a lot to do today, but nevertheless it took most of the day. I sanded everything down to get rid of any roughness in the hull and to prepare the underside of the deck for a saturation layer of epoxy. The fibreglass needed to be reinforced around the middle butt seam, with three pieces of glass each a little wider than the previous layer.

The next task was to epoxy the entire underside of the deck. I also decided to epoxy along the upper edge of the hull fibreglass to cover any spots that may have been exposed during the tape removal the previous evening. Finally I inserted a small triangle of cardboard into the hull bow to create a small area to be filled with wood flour thickened epoxy.

As with the stern stem filling, this area of thick epoxy quickly heated up and began to harden. A small dome rose out of the bow pour area, because I did not allow for the expansion of the epoxy. However I was prepared for something like that to happen and before the epoxy had hardened too much I was able to scrape off much of the excess with only a wooden tongue depressor.

Ruth came by and invited me for dinner later, which I gladly accepted. We had broiled chicken breasts and a salad from Ruth's garden. Ruth enquired about my Belize trip photos so I brought my laptop over and after dinner showed them the photos I had of the Belize trip. Mike and Ruth have travelled in that area, most recently a couple of trips to Cuba, so we were comparing their impressions of Cuba with mine of Belize. Ruth had been in Belize as well, but way back in the '70s. A lot of what I showed her was somewhat familiar to her, although she did not remember town names. She just remembered driving through Belize to Guatemala. There is really only one road that takes you through Belize to Guatemala, so I could tell her which towns she would have passed through.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Cheers for more progress on the kayak! It must be so satisfying to see the results of your weeks of work.

What a blessing to have friends who invite you to dinner on nights when the work day was long - and offer the treat of a garden fresh salad to boot. Nice!