Sunday, June 15, 2008

Town day all day

I went into town today to do some shopping and see Dennis and Jack playing at the Farmer's Market in Wolfville. I also took in some laundry in hopes of doing it at Carolyn's.

I was intending to buy groceries at the Market, but somehow I have a hard time mixing social activity with shopping. I ran into several people there that I wanted to stop and chat with, and all I really managed to buy was one loaf of bread that I picked up before I ran into folks. Sigh. There was Lynn and Pete and Barb and Aunah and Leon and Carol...

Lynn said a bunch of them were going to Paddy's later to hear Peter and the band the Dungaree Brothers play so I made a mental note to join them if I could get my shopping done. Then I looked at my list and mentally crossed off half of it, the rest I picked up quite quickly at Rafuse Building Supplies and Eos.

I spent some time wandering around looking for a coffeemaker but didn't see anything I liked. My current one is a cheap one-cup coffee press that doesn't filter the coffee grains very well. On the one hand I'd like something that does two cups and on the other hand I want something really small, obviously an unreconcilable conflict of interests. I suspect I am not going to be able to get a new coffeemaker until I come to terms with which feature I want to give up, size or capacity. So for now I am stuck with coffee with coffee grains in the bottom of my cup.

I very much enjoyed the time at the pub with Lynn and Co listening to the Dungaree Brothers. I even bought their CD from Pete. Some friends of Lynn's Betty and Darryl were there. Darryl works in the Athabasca Tar Sands and gets a free trip home every twenty days. He's a bit of a celebrity, people kept patting his shoulder as they walked by our table. When he's at work he lives in a Shell camp about 60-80 km out of Fort McMurray. It is completely outfitted with recreational facilities, but the landscape is destroyed and the mosquitoes are ferocious. They haven't even started producing oil yet. Lots of money though, and a good deal warmer than here right now.

Lynn talked me into going to the Hupman Brothers dance later in the evening, something Carolyn had invited me to but I had declined, not being much of a dancer or a big fan of loud music. So I got my laundry done and waited for Carolyn to go to the dance. Carolyn was on call this weekend and unfortunately got a call in the afternoon that kept her busy until almost 9pm. After nuking some veggies and a quick change of clothes she was ready to go, we got to the dance around 10pm.

I joined Lynn and Pete and Aunah at their table, but we didn't talk much, too loud to hear. During intermission Lois came by to chat, asking about my plans. She said her partner Brian was set to retire but she had no intention of retiring, she loved doing what she was doing too much. We also talked a bit about Belize, which it turns out she visits often to study naturopathy with a woman in San Ignacio. Brian wants to write a book, but I didn't catch what it was about, due to the noise factor. He's been involved in setting up recycling and composting systems in the Valley, so I am guessing it has to do with his experience there.

Linda also came by and asked where I lived, she was confused. She'd see me then she wouldn't, she didn't know what was going on. I told her I didn't either. My confusion is exemplified by my truck, an NS plate on the rear, a BC plate on the front.

I am sure Carolyn had a great time, I wish I did. For starters I was already tired, 10pm being my normal bedtime. And it was very loud. I would have had more fun if I did what Carolyn did and got up and danced the night away, but I didn't. Said my goodbyes around 11.30pm and left. Ran into Carolyn's son Kurt having a cigarette outside. We chatted a bit about his girlfriend who is leaving soon to teach in Taiwan for a year, his envy of me living in his parents' house on the land in the Harbour, and my experience building the kayak. I said it sounded good in theory, building a wooden kayak, but in practice it is a lot of work with epoxy and fibreglass, wearing a respirator and latex gloves.

I drove up the mountain around midnight. For some reason I couldn't see very well out the rear window so had some difficulty backing into the driveway, I suspect my truck is parked rather oddly now. That's me, confused and odd.

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Anonymous said...

Confused and odd, but of course since it was two hours past your bedtime!

I think you're very brave and amazingly self-assured. You've set out to finish a kayak!! Applause for you! Not many folks are that brave and self-assured.

Hang in there! Barbara