Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The quacking tree

I was cycling along the road back to my place from the Garden House and I heard what I thought was a duck quacking in the woods. That seemed rather unusual, there was no water in the direction I heard the quacking from. I stopped in the road to listen to the quacking, it sure sounded like a duck.

Out of curiosity I left the bike on the road and started walking into the woods in the direction of the quacking. I kept looking up into the trees for the bird making that was quacking, the sound appeared to be coming from the trees not the ground. Following the sound I reached a small clump of trees but could spot no bird in the tree branches.

Instead, what I thought was quacking was actually the branch of one tree rubbing up against another tree. A birch was swaying in the wind, and it was rubbing a short stubby branch on a spruce growing right up against the birch. The branch had actually rubbed a groove into the birch, and that was where the quacking was coming from.

It doesn't quack all the time, only when the wind blows the birch in a certain direction. I feel bad for the birch, the sound is not really quacking, but a kind of screeching.

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Anonymous said...

Awww, poor birch tree. I'd never even thought of this happening, but in my MIL's yard, a lovely magnolia tree has come up under a wonderful hickory tree so there is a dilemma to come. The magnolia is already about 15 ft. high, so isn't one we can move.

Do you interfere with the natural world to cut the stump branch and relieve the birch?