Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wasp attack

Today I was planning to get a lot done on the kayak to make up for two days of doing nothing. But things conspired...

Sheila came by with her dogs and cajoled me into a walk with her and the dogs. I did a bit of gluing after that and then went home for lunch. A little later I returned to the Garden House and was just reading the instructions to see what to do next when a wasp attacked me. It just dive-bombed my neck! I tried to brush it away but it got me good. Within minutes I could hardly move my head the pain was so great. So much for getting any further work done. I went home to get some baking soda to apply to my wasp wound, and sat down with a notebook to figure out how long it was going to take me to put this kayak together.

The time to build the kayak is more about how long it takes for the epoxy to cure than about the actual work I do on it. So essentially I counted the nights that I had to leave it to cure, and I got a minimum of 14 nights. So if I worked straight through I could have it done in two weeks. But that would allow no time for shopping, especially for the hardware I will need for finishing the kayak. The actual work between nights is not a lot, occasionally as much as four or five hours, but often a lot less. So realistically I think I am looking at three or four weeks at a reasonably leisurely pace. A month here will not be a hardship.

To assuage my need to feel like I was doing something, I did make a list of things I needed and drove into Canning to pick them up. Canning is the nearest town with any stores: one grocery store, one drugstore, one hardware store. I went to the hardware store and they had everything on my list except scissors and tongue depressors. I went to the drugstore and they had the tongue depressors and kids' scissors and one pair of barber scissors. I was hoping for something a little sturdier so I checked the grocery store but they didn't have any scissors. So I went back to the drugstore to get the barber scissors. I told the cashier that this was the last pair of scissors in the whole town. As I was paying for them, she reached under the counter for a pair of scissors to cut something and I was staring at them, they were exactly the kind of scissors I was looking for. She saw me staring and said No you can't have them! and we both laughed.

On my way back home I stopped to talk to Trish who was weeding her garden. I haven't seen her in probably thirty years. We ended up chatting for over an hour, about everything imaginable, we seemed to flow all over the conversational map. She was all bundled up in a parka to keep the black flies at bay. The summer that I went out west and met Sam's Dad she house-sat my cabin on the land and took care of my dog, Poco. We saw very little of each other after that. Today she was saying that the dog she has now reminded her of my old dog Poco, and his penchant for porcupines. I ended up giving Poco away to someone who would take him far away from porcupines and he lived happily ever after, but I haven't thought about him in a long time.

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Anonymous said...

You poor thing to have a wasp attack! OUCH!! Dampened meat tenderizer or tobacco are other aids for that kind of sting. Hope the wasps aren't making a nest in the garden shed.

Perhaps someone in one of the stores can order a pair of sturdy scissors for you. If you'll be there at least 4 more weeks, it's a reasonable request to make of a storekeeper and you'd get weeks of use out of them.

How delightful to span 30 years in an hour with an old friend!

Reading on ... :D