Sunday, June 15, 2008

My water cure

It seems that I take two or three days off at a time, I guess there is some wisdom in the idea of a two-day weekend.

I was feeling rather discouraged this morning, about life in general and the kayak in particular. It seemed like a lot of work and very little progress. And the work is not particularly fun, messing around with glue and fibreglass. As I told one person last night, I am learning skills I don't really want. After listening to The Sunday Edition I was still feeling unmotivated, so I thought I'd take another day off from the kayak. Instead I'd tackle another job that needs doing, digging a hole for a new outhouse.

After consulting with Mike I decided to dig in the area of an older outhouse. Mike was pretty sure it had not been used in at least five years so it was probably well composted by now and I wouldn't run into anything unpleasant. This proved to be the case. And additionally, there were no rocks or roots to impede progress.

I have had a runny nose for a couple of days, and I was assuming it was an allergy of some kind but while digging the hole I began to think that actually it was an oncoming cold. So I decided I needed another water cure: drink lots and lots of water and take large does of vitamin C.

In a way, it was kind of a relief to realize I was sick, it explained my rather negative feelings about the kayak and life in general. I don't know if getting discouraged makes me sick or getting sick makes me feel discouraged, but whatever, the two are definitely related.

Moving the old outhouse over the new hole would be nice but the old structure is not in great shape, it would probably collapse if I tried to move it. Not being willing to invest a lot of time effort and money into this endeavour, I simply covered the hole with some old plywood I found lying around, so this is an extremely basic "outhouse", it doesn't have a roof or a seat. My idea is that it will be fine in all but heavy downpours, and in that case I will use the old outhouse which is still usable but not on a regular basis.

Digging the hole and covering it with boards was a matter of an hour or so of work, I spent the rest of the day sitting around drinking water, reading, and listening to the radio. Not too exciting. Ruth came by to ask if I wanted to go to Drumming Night, I declined. I think it might be the last Drumming Night of the season, but no point pushing things or passing this cold on any more than I already have.

The bread I bought at the Market is very good, I'm happy with it. It's a heavy sourdough bread, made with rye and wheat flours and lots of sunflower seeds. And it's a double loaf, two loaves made in a single long narrow pan, so I could easily break it in half and put one half in the freezer for future use.

I opened a can of salmon and had a lovely open-faced salmon sandwich for lunch, and a salmon salad for dinner. Went to bed early with a chamber pot handy; all this drinking of water is going to have an unfortunate effect during the night.

While writing this I heard something on the radio about, a project to connect folks who travel with folks who can put them up. A way to meet locals and immerse yourself in local culture if you're travelling; and to meet travellers from away and hear about their adventures while showing off your own community and locale if you're hosting. One host and one traveller interviewed said that the experience really improved their view of human nature, that the people they met this way were really good decent folks.

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Anonymous said...

I can sympathize - I have a lupus flare, fatigue like you wouldn't believe, and fever. Bummer!

You day sounds pretty nice all things considered. You did what was needed, saw a friend, didn't share your germs, and enjoyed flavorful food. Sounds like the perfect day for someone not up to par because of a cold.

Wishing you well! Barbara