Thursday, June 5, 2008

More glue and meeting the locals

It rained during the night and was cloudy most of the day. Towards evening the sun came out and it looks like we're going to have a clear night and sunny day tomorrow.

Last night I had dreams about the epoxy, mostly about having it get into my system through my hands and poisoning me. I guess I'm kind of nervous about using the stuff. I use latex gloves and I have a mask for when I am doing fibreglassing, but Mike says I don't need it for gluing the seams because I am mixing up such small quantities of the stuff at a time. But I am a bit nervous that I am not being careful enough. All that wiring has left small cuts on my fingers so I really don't want to get any epoxy on them.

Today I finished gluing the kayak deck seams, I only spent about an hour on that. When the glue has hardened I can remove the wires and glue the spots where the wires were. When that is dry and hard I can turn the deck over to glue the undersides of the seams as needed. The point is to ensure all seams are full of glue. If I get the wires out and the gluing done in the morning, then I can probably turn the deck over in the evening, but I am supposed to take the truck in for safety inspection in the morning so I don't think that will happen. Wouldn't you know that I have to go into town on a sunny day!

Last night Mike said there was mail for me so I walked out to the mailbox which is on the main road up a ways from our access road. I got there just as the mail people were delivering mail. The box is used by three households in addition to myself, so there's quite a bit of mail in it. On returning to the land I met Sheila who lives in Willy Schofield's old place that our right-of-way crosses. Sheila and her husband have lived there for eight years now and have a landscaping business. I have run into Sheila walking her dogs in the woods before but this was the first time we introduced ourselves and chatted. She invited me to join her out walking her dogs, a corgi and a black lab, sometime.

On my way back to the house I stopped to photograph the lady's slippers which are now in full bloom and Nancy came by on her bike with her dog, a sheltie. I invited her for tea but she had a list of errands in town to get done and was just walking the dog in preparation for leaving her home alone. She invited me to drop by her place anytime. So I'm feeling like this is a very friendly place and I could fit in here quite nicely.

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