Thursday, June 12, 2008

Remove the frames

Well as much as yesterday felt productive, today was frustrating!

The instructions said "Remove the deck from the hull and then the frames, then fill any seams with glue that need it..." implying that "removing the frames" was some simple task. Hah!

Removing the deck was simply a matter of loosening the strapping tape holding it in place and clearing space on my worktable to put it down. The frames inside the hull were quite another matter. They were actually glued in place several years ago, using craft glue. There are five of them, varying in size from about five inches to two feet across.

I spent most of the day trying to remove those bloody frames from the hull. I did in the end succeed, but it was a two steps forward and one and seven-eighths back kind of process. Basically, it involved applying heat to the craft glue holding the frames in place to melt the glue, and then wiggling the frames to loosen them. All I can say is that the glue hardened as fast as it melted, wiggling was barely even possible. I tried different methods, and I can't say that any method I tried was better than any other, but I did somehow get those frames out more or less intact after I don't know how many hours of effort.

After finally "removing the frames" without actually taking a sledge hammer to them in frustration, I then had the tedious task of picking/filing/sanding off the remaining bits of glue on the inside of the hull. Mike came by to inspect and gave his nod of approval. He didn't comment on the burn spots on the inside of the hull where I had done more than just melt the glue.

I thought I would have time to do something relaxing like going for a walk, but I was quite exhausted after today's work. I did attempt a short walk after dinner but the mosquitoes were daunting. I stopped to pick a flower that I wanted to identify and they swarmed my face and got me in several places around my right eye, I then ran home with my little flower. It turns out to be Moneses uniflora, the One-flowered Pyrola. Now my right eye is swollen up, as is the right side of my neck, thanks to the wasp. The insects here are unforgiving.

I could hardly stay awake after that. I lay down on my bed and tried to read, but had no energy for that. Finally I got up and laid a fire in the stove for the morning and knit for a bit to stay awake long enough to listen to CBC Ideas. The minute it was over (at 10pm) I was in bed and on my way to sleep. I can barely remember what the show was about, and I got all of three rows of knitting done.

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Anonymous said...

Your kayak is coming along!! You took "When at first you don't succeed, try, try again" to a whole new level with those glued in frames! Applause for succeeding!!!

You deserved a good night's sleep after all that effort was expended.

Do you need a citronella candle to keep the mosquitoes at bay? Maybe some Calamine lotion for the itching, too, but not near your eyes.

Reading on with great delight! :D