Monday, June 30, 2008

Lonely firefly

I shaved and filed and sanded the kayak deck seams today, getting them down to as near perfect as I could. There are a few spots that will need to be re-glued though, there were bubbles in the epoxy that have left holes in the seams that need to be filled.

Saw a firefly in the evening. One single firefly. Reminds me of the hundreds that you could see in the Tennessee woods at The Farm, as if the stars swarmed down to Earth all around you. One single firefly, must be pretty lonely.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

I'm from Tennessee and know of The Farm. Did you live there?

We have very few fireflies here in Virginia, too, and I remember when they were plentiful. When will people pay attention to these signs? Sigh!

I admire your industry. Hugs!

Zabetha said...

Hi Barbara

I was at The Farm for a couple of months in the summer of 2006, taking a couple of courses. Unbelievably hot!

Anonymous said...

Yep, TN in the summer is hot and humid, no doubt. That's the beauty of tall ceilings, attic fans, window screens, iced tea, and a laid out position!

Interesting that The Farm was still offering classes. DH knew, but I was surprised.

Hugs - Barbara Anne