Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shopping day musings

Cloudy and dull this weekend they say. Canada Day falls on a Tuesday (July 1) so a lot of people are "bridging", taking the Monday off too. But the weather is not so great here in the East. I hear that the West is finally getting a little heat though.

I decided to go into Wolfville to pick up some bread at the Farmer's Market, but I dawdled so long that I only arrived at the Market in the last half hour. Fortunately though the bread folks still had bread, and they had it at a two-for-one price, so I got two loaves. Don't need two loaves but I can either give one away or freeze it. I also bought a disgustingly good and sweet piece of carrot cake. It was so gooey!

I had a small shopping list of other things to justify my trip into town but decided I'd go to Carolyn's first to check email and such. Carolyn wasn't home, but she arrived soon after I did. We had coffee together and chatted, I gave her the extra loaf of bread and we talked about her weekend task of gathering stuff together for the Church yardsale on Sunday.

She's trying to tackle the perennial problem of Too Much Stuff and after decades of living in the same place, it really is daunting. As someone with no personal or nostalgic attachment to any of her Stuff, I can easily say, Be Ruthless! Chuck It All! But I do remember when I was going through the same exercise myself in 2006 how hard it is to give up The Stuff. In spite of my best efforts over a couple of months of focussed attention, I still managed to transport close to 5,000 pounds of Stuff to my new home in Toronto.

We also decided that I would take an old armchair up to the house on the land in my truck, but she wanted to wash its cover first, so I went out and did the rest of my shopping while the chair cover whirled away in the washer.

Went to Stirlings Farm Market and they had strawberries, two quarts for $6.00. Again, I didn't need two, but was fairly certain I could unload one quart on Carolyn, to go with the bread. A few weeks ago one quart cost me $6.00, now I get two for that price!

Strawberries are probably my favourite fruit, but only when they are in season and local. The imported ones from California are atrocities, big and red on the outside, hard, white and tasteless on the inside. No doubt they are great when picked and sold locally in California, but shipping them across the continent so we can have strawberries in the winter is just plain stupid, they only look like strawberries.

So much food is available now, the farm markets are bursting with fresh local vegetables. And when the strawberries finally give out there will be other fruits to take their place, right through to November. It's so different shopping here than in Toronto, so many farm markets to pick from. Every major farm around here has its own market, Stirling's, Hennigar's, Elderkin's, Bishop's. And the local grocery stores carry local fruit and vegetables too, unlike in Toronto where it is very hard to find locally grown stuff in the major grocery stores.

Not to diss Toronto, that city makes up for its lack of fresh locally grown food in many other ways, a wonderful array of foods from all over the world, an incredibly multicultural population that celebrates its diversity very loudly (figuratively speaking, but occasionally quite literally) on the major streets and in the many ethnic neighbourhoods.

I wish I could live in both places at once!

I got back to the Harbour around 5.30pm, Mike and Ruth's son Erin helped me haul the chair from my truck to the house. Now I have an armchair and a couch, in case I have guests!

After a very quick supper of leftover chicken soup, I went to the Garden House to do the last of the gluing. It was an hour's work to remove the last tie-down and fill in the last few gaps between the deck and the hull. Tomorrow it will be ready to shave/file/sand down to a nice rounded edge ready for the fibreglass covering.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

I'm back to enjoy these next installments of your adventure!

My MIL and I went to the Farmer's Market last week, too, and each bought delicious bread, veggies, and wonderful cantaloupe.

Cheers for friends and hand-me-down chairs! Both are a delight.

Your good use of time is impressive.