Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My brother's tie-downs go to work

In preparation for gluing the deck and hull together, I taped them together. This was not as hard as I was thinking it would be, however there were some discrepancies between the two that the tape was not strong enough to deal with.

I remembered that my brother had given me a couple of ratcheted tie-downs to use to transport my kayak back to Ontario, and I thought that they might work to tighten the hull so that the edges of the hull and deck meet better.

They did, but it was clear I would need more than two to do the job. I thought I would glue the hull and deck together over a period of several days, moving the tie-downs along the kayak as each glued section cured. However in talking to Mike when he got home from work, he came up with two more ratcheted tie-downs that may allow me to complete the job in two days instead of three or four.

I wanted to take some photos of the ladyslippers which are still in bloom, and while I was doing so I could hear rustling in the bushes nearby. This is right where the baby bunny appeared in the road last night so I think it might be the bunny trying to stay clear of my camera. I wonder if young bunnies usually set out on their own at this age, or if something has happened to its mother. I am hoping the former.

After supper I went for a walk along the brook in the vault. The boundary of this land runs along that brook. On the other side, the owner cut down all the trees right up to the edge of the brook a few years ago. He did this days before they changed the law making it illegal to cut next to a brook. I tried walking along the other side of the brook, but the tangle of old branches left to rot was too much for me. It is growing up fast in bushes and ferns, but is hardly easy walking. However the view across the brook to the tall trees on our side was nice.

I saw a few jack-in-the-pulpits along the brook.

And of course, lots of ferns.

It was still light when I got back home so I set out on my bike down to the shore and walked a ways along the water.

Several people who have cabins there were out on their decks or on a log on the beach enjoying the sunset.


Anonymous said...

Excellent progress on the kayak! Will you have to crawl or reach inside to put in the foot rests and such? Cheers for brothers and friends with rachet straps!!

What a serene and lovely area you're in! Glad you can easily make your way about to see it. Nature does the soul good!

Zabetha said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes there will be a bit of crawling around inside that I am not looking forward to. It will mean greater potential for exposure to the epoxy fumes and some of my reading advises wearing a plastic bag over one's head when working inside the kayak with epoxy!

Anonymous said...

Wearing a plastic bag over your head? How do you breathe??? Surely you need some sort of respirator to keep you safe.

Good luck with that! :D