Friday, June 13, 2008

Filling hull seams

Really nice warm sunny day today.

I filled seams in the hull and applied really thick epoxy to the stern stem.

It was a couple of inches thick and it started to smoke. The chemical reaction between the resin and the hardener generates a lot of heat, it's not noticeable when it is in a thin layer, but when it is thick the heat builds up.

The epoxy swelled up and was already hardening before I had finished applying it.

Later I went back and tried filing it down because it was quite hard.

It looks like I will have to redo the seam filling because the epoxy I used was too thin and it ran. I used some dark red stuff called microballoons instead of the wood flour. It's not as absorbent so you have to use more, and it is very light and fluffy. When mixed in, it made the epoxy look like blood. Later I found some white microballoons and used that in the thick epoxy in the stern stem, with a bit of wood flour to give it some colour. Not that it needs it, it will be completely hidden when the deck goes back on. But I think if I refill the seams I'll use the white microballoons for thickening the epoxy.

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Anonymous said...

You're doing so well on the kayak! May I ask what you'll do with it when you return home? Will it fit into your truck?

Hope you've gotten to play this weekend. Your work weeks are certainly a work out!

Hugs! :D