Monday, June 23, 2008

Laundry day

I slept in and still I was tired. A slow day, low energy. But it was very hot, I think it reached almost 30C here. It cools off quickly in the evening though, I like that.

I did a laundry at Mike and Ruth's place and hung it out to dry on their laundry line in the woods.

I measured and cut out the bulkhead templates for the kayak. That was all I had energy for today. I am going to bed early because tomorrow I have to go to the City (Halifax).

Oh yes, today I saw a baby rabbit on the trail out to my truck. It ran in front of me and tried to hide under an aralia in the trail. I was just two feet away from it when it decided to make a run for it. I was so close I almost could reach out and touch it, but of course he had other ideas. He was about the size of a small squirrel. Very cute looking.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

Sorry your fatigue continued after a night's rest, but my grandmother used to say that the sun and water were an exhausting combination. Add the energy you expended in the kayak and there is little doubt that you used up your reserves. Not to worry, a quiet day and more sleep are the ticket and wisely you did that.

Cheers that the templates are made!! Applause!!!!