Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sanding in the rain

Spent the day sanding and touching up some of the epoxy. It rained heavily, I was going to go home after a couple of hours but didn't feel like cycling in the rain so I ended up working quite a bit longer than planned.

I have gone back to my list of steps and added another night, to make 15 in total. A week ago I had 14 nights on my list, and now after several days working on the kayak I actually have more nights to go than I did a week ago! I haven't reduced the list one whit! And I haven't even started the difficult parts!

I was talking to Nancy the other day, she was admiring the work I had done so far and saying that I would be able to build my next kayak twice as fast. I told her there was no chance I'd build a second kayak, one was quite enough for me.

Nancy remembered when her husband Peter and Mike were working on this kayak hull. She said they quit because they were tired of working with the epoxy. They were working on two hulls and one of them was supposed to be for her, but Mike advised her to look for a second-hand plastic kayak because the wooden one was not likely to be completed any time soon, if ever. So that's what she did.

I told Nancy I didn't blame them for quitting at all. I'd have to be pretty strongly motivated to do this again, and right now I can't think of anything that would motivate me that much.

Went for an evening bike ride, now that the rain has cleared, temporarily. The roads are soft and muddy, the mosquitoes numerous, but my bike runs faster through the mud than mosquitoes can fly.

The lupins are out now, and gorgeous. They line all the roads here, ranging in colour from deep blue to pale pink. Some are multi-coloured, the upper and lower lips of each flower on a spike a different shade of blue or red. But I don't have my camera with me, so no photos, you'll have to imagine it.


Anonymous said...

I love your steady progress on the kayak. Yes, some steps needed to be repeated, but you have the kayak further toward completion than Mike did. One step at a time, you'll finish it. One kayak may be enough for you, but that's one more kayak than most people ever build! Way to go!

Bike back to the multi-colored lupins, please. I find them difficult to imagine and a picture would save you 1000 words!


Zabetha said...

Hi Barbara

Thanks for all your comments and applause!

I will post some photos of lupins next time around, just don't have one handy now